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I’m a customer, not a criminal, so don’t treat me like one.

I went to a Big W yesterday. It used to have good quality clothing, but in the last few years, I’ve noticed a change to more cheap, low quality clothing, a lot more of polyester and crap I can’t wear. For over 20 years, I have shopped and chosen Big W over other brands and have been a loyal patron.

But this will change after yesterday.

I wanted to find a lamp. I hate the ones at the local Target, so I waited a week to visit Big W so I could go while visiting my parents. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find any. And while I was searching, I noticed how messy and untidy the shop was.

I think they have forgotten they were a department store, not a Rave, and loud music was blasting through the overhead speakers. This started my Tinnitus and I decided to leave. I had wasted about 20 minutes and that was enough, so walked towards the exit.

Now, on my arrival, I had noticed the security guard and had hesitated for a second to enter, but then I saw an immigrant woman with  a handbag twice the size of mine walk past unharassed, so I thought it would be safe to enter. Gee, was I fucking wrong.

I had my finger over my ear to try and block the noise and walked out of the exit. The “security guard” said I need to check your bag. I said “no this is a hand bag you’re not allowed to check this”. He replied rather arrogantly “yes if its over30 cms I can”. My bag is smaller than that, so I knew this was him trying to bully or intimidate me, but I said okay and opened the zipper, pulled out a zip lock bag with pads in it and said “here look at my pads you fucking pervert!”

I was so fucking furious!

This is actually against the law. It DOES NOT apply to personal handbags. I also think I was discriminated against because of my skin colour. Normally I wouldn’t think this, but since he didn’t check the migrant woman’s bag, I am now.

I have so much more to say on this subject, but its making me angry and sad to keep thinking about it, so I’ll end by saying  this bag search thing is harmful to business and extremely hurtful to innocent people. If this is the future of customer service, I’ll stay home and buy online.

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How to make Switchel (or Crazy Ginger drink).

Lately I’ve been making a drink called Switchel or Haymakers punch. Its a lot nicer than Kombucha and easier to make. Also the ingredients are cheaper, so that’s another reason why I like it.

I normally use Apple cider vinegar ACV with the “Mother” ingredient, which is the unfiltered bacteria naturally occurring in vinegar. Filtered vinegar is better for cleaning as it has none of the little bits left in it.

I have tried different vinegars, like an Italian one with honey and ginger added and raspberry vinegar, which makes the Switchel a maroony colour. I prefer the normal ACV.

I have also tried to use other cordials, like lemon and barley, but its not the same.

I want to come up with a funny name, like Crazy Ginger drink or Grandpa Simpson’s Homemade Revitalising Tonic for what ails ya.

I sometimes make it a bit stronger, but normally I prefer it weaker. Here is a basic recipe I made:


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My Autism is not going to be cured so stop asking me to prove it exists!

I have been trying to sign up to an online course and it is, of course, difficult and frustrating.

I already sent my paper work in last year, and was approved and have been enrolled, but then I wanted  to transfer.  And get help from a Councillor.

You would think that being disabled, they would make it easy for me to enroll.

But no.

When I call, its the stupid automated dialing system where you need to choose options and “Press 1”.

The first time I called, it didn’t work and there was no hold music, so I hung up and tried again. Then I was finally able to get through to a human, they needed to transfer me and force me to wait 3 minutes for someone on the other end.

This new person, although polite, told me that I needed to fill out more forms to PROOVE my disability  status.

I really wanted to scream!

So to this company, and everyone else, listen up:

1. There is no cure for autism!

2. There never will be.

3. There doesn’t need to be a cure; there is NOTHING wrong with us!

4. I really do not  want to talk about my Autism, especially to some random person on the phone.

5. Stop asking me to prove that I have it EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to study!

6. Just tick the fucking box, so I can get on with my life and stop discussing my very private health issues with strangers over the phone.

I’m going to say this again: THERE IS NO CURE FOR AUTISM!

Do not believe what some crazy trouble making bitch said on her blog, she did not cure her son’s Autism. The best you can do is get an allergy test for your child, or yourself and adjust your diet.

I am so fed up and exhausted by this shit. I just wanted to learn something to help me start a small business so I can work from home and not have to go through the agony and bullshit that are modern job interviews.

That may be my next post.

(c) ASD and me 2019.



The meeting went well

I had the appointment yesterday with the NDIS provider. It went well. I left home on time, but had trouble finding parking, so I arrived late.

The lady who interviewed me was nice and friendly and she seemed genuinely interested and listened to what I said.

She said she doesn’t know how long the paperwork will take to be approved, but will submit it straight away.

So I’m back to waiting, but I’m closer this time so hopefully I’ll hear from her soon.

(c) ASD and me 2019.


Tomorrow is my appointment with the NDIS provider

My appointment is tomorrow. I’m so glad it’s finally here, but I’m also nervous. I don’t like strangers asking me personal questions and being intrusive in my life, but I know they need to to know what help I need.

And I really do need it.

It’s at 11am, so its enough time to wake up, have breakfast, then arrive on time. They said the appointment will take about 2 hours.

Hopefully everything will go well and I won’t ended up crying again.

Wish me luck.

(c) ASD and me 2019