Movies I like

I like movies that have happy endings. No surprise right?

I like movies where someone is stuck, (mainly a woman), and they find the courage, strength or some way to push through and make their life better.

Bridget Jones Diary:   I love this move and the book. This movie helped me through a lot of bad times. I associate with this character so much because I feel I’m very similar to her. Except I don’t drink or smoke. And I haven’t dated Hugh Grant or Colin Firth.

The sound of music:   What can I say, I love musicals.


Calamity Jane

The Sapphires

9 to 5 and Straight Talk: I love Dolly Parton’s movies and music.

What lies beneath: I’m not a horror thriller fan, but this movie is more creepy psychological thriller than silly jump scares.

Legally Blonde: I studied some legal subject because I wanted to work for Legal Aid.

Pride and Prejudice

Mary Poppins

Under the Tuscan sun: I’ve always wanted to live in a beautiful European country.

Somethings gotta give: I like movies about mature adult women issues.

Alice in wonderland: I really love this movie. I’ve always felt like I was an outsider who doesn’t fit in.

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Movies · Thoughts

I watched The shape of water

I watched The shape of water and I loved it. I identify a lot with the main character, Elsia.

Its not a cheesy B grade monster move, like Creature from the Black Lagoon, its a beautiful love story about being brave, doing what’s right, following your heart, finding happiness, love and your true self.

I think the antagonist is meant to be an alpha male, but I just think he’s an aggressive, abusive jerk. You can’t build yourself up by holding other people down. You may think you’re superior, but really, you’re just dragging yourself down with them.

I think this movie is about accepting peoples differences, and accepting yourself, as a human with flaws. The main character is mute and has felt lacking or defective in some way her whole life. I empathise, since I’ve always felt different and lacking something, I’m clearly different from other people, I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me.

This movie has hidden meanings, it reminds me of the book Who moved my cheese? which on the surface, seems like its about mice looking for cheese in a maze, but its really a metaphor for accepting change in your life.

I’ve seen mixed reviews, but I suggest you watch the movie and make up your own mind.

(c) ASD and me 2019