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I feel like I’m the only who is following quarantine rules

Seems that as soon as covid 19 closed everything, people became dumber and dogs discovered new skills of barking loudly.

I can imagine how tedious and claustrophobic prison would be.

I’m so stressed and can’t relax. I’m trying to do the right thing and stay in my house, but neighbours keep having visitors and parties. I want to report them but can’t find anything online.

I don’t feel like eating anything and find it hard to sleep. I really hate isolation. I didn’t go out much before, but at least it was an option. This really sucks. I keep thinking about bad things, and want this to be over.

I’m so stressed and depressed.

(c)ASD and me 2020.

Covid 19 · Thoughts

I thought I was having a heart attack

Friday 17th April 4.30pm: neighbours 5 houses up and across the road started blasting music again. Its the son who was friends with the drug dealers next door. It was very loud inside my house. This really infuriates me and I started stressing and feel pain in right side of chest.

6.30pm I’m panicking. I think I’m having a heart attack but I don’t know. Maybe over reacting. I don’t want to have heart problem but don’t want to catch Covid 19 either. So conflicted.

I know the heart muscles can be damaged, but I’m not sure and I’m scared to go the hospital.

6.35 pm: We left after that, bf drove me. We didn’t get home till about 9pm. It had a few people, but wasn’t overly crowded. All the nurses wore masks. Even a security guard wore a mask.

At first I was stressed because of the noise, baby screaming and woman complaining very loudly that she hadn’t had more than 20 minutes sleep in the last month and just wanted some relief. Maybe she could have some relief is she stopped talking.

And as usual, the paper curtains didn’t close properly and I was forced to change in to a gown that showed my bum crack.

The nurse who served me was a bit rough. I know that she may have been stressed, but she put the ECG stickers over my breasts and on my nipples. While I waited for the machine to read my heart beats, hoping it wasn’t damaged, my top half was on show. After she ripped the stickers off my nipples, she pulled up my gown for me.

Then she preceded to stab me with a Cannula needle and sticky tape it in my elbow. I have always had a fear of needles and pain, so I try to avoid them as much as possible.

I hate just sitting in the bed looking at a desk and hearing random noises. I was so glad when the nurse removed the Cannula needle and I was able to leave. She ripped of the sticky tape and gave me a free arm waxing which was very painful. I considered walking home, but it was late and really cold and I didn’t feel like getting mugged or frost bite so I called bf to pick me up.

Its Sunday now and I feel better. Even though I was afraid of catching Covid 19 and hospitals in general, I’m glad I was brave and went to the emergency room. I’m also glad I didn’t have a heart attack, just heartburn and stress like usual.

(c) ASD and me 2020.

I feel sick just looking at this.
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Update and stuff

A few things have changed so I thought I would blog about them. I still want to publish a book, but I know that won’t be until at least next year, or ever.

Its hard to write about things when you stay at home 99% of the time.

The NDIA changed some rules because of the corona virus, so now I can get a Support Coordinator. It only took the world to almost end before it happened, but I have one now so I’ll complain less.

I also was given a code so I can get priority grocery home delivery. I’m so happy that I no longer need to enter the supermarket and stay 2 metres from people. I can stay at home in my rat hole and have food delivered to me like a fancy person. Hopefully I can get the basics box like elderly people do.

I signed up to social media, but yesterday day regretted it, because some people are very quick to judge and to jump to conclusions. Its really annoying and frustrating for me, so I have blocked some people. I only have it for Corona, so when that’s over and I can go outside, it will be deleted.

I also had my periods, but this time I cried because I realised I was having a “Corona Period” and couldn’t leave the house.

Confession time: It’s not even Easter yet and I have eaten 4 choc bunnies and one one egg. I’m putting on my winter weight early. Gotta get that shiny coat.

(c) ASD and me 2020.

I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this.