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Eating the alphabet: c

I wasn’t as prepared for this letter meal as I was for the other two. During my C food search I found:

carrots, chicken, chocolate, cauliflower, chicken stock, crackers, cheese, cucumber, corn, caviar, crab, chips, crepe, celery, chick peas, cherries, chives, cabbage, cottage cheese, cashews.

I had a box of custard pudding powder (that I love) already in the pantry, so I made that. I sprinkled some cinnamon over the top and enjoyed it. Then I remembered I had some chicken stock, because I have wanted to make my own noodle bowl for a long time.

We used the green leaves of silverbeet chopped instead of Bok choy, added sliced mushrooms, some noodles we had left over and some hard boiled eggs sliced in half.

The photo didn’t work because the flash was still on, but I took a good photo of the custard tart (which tasted better anyway).

(c) ASD and me 2020.


Eating the alphabet: A

I’m trying to eat healthier and not eat junk. I want to eat more fruit and especially vegetables. I decided I’ll eat my way through the alphabet and maybe I’ll find some unusual foods I haven’t tried before that have a good taste, texture and are easy to cook.

There are many foods starting with A, such as: apples, avocado, almonds, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, anchovies, etc.

Some of these I can easily find at the supermarket, but others, I need to search for, like the Amaranth.

I decided to go for what I already had in the house: Avocado.

1. Toast some bread

2. Peel and mash the avocado.

3. Avocado on the toast.

4. Catch some salmon.

5. Prepare the salmon.

6. Or just buy packaged salmon and put on toast.avocado toast2

©ASD and me 2020

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Food to help with ASD

I’ve been trying to find good healthy food to eat since I received my Autism testing last November. There are so many websites and opinions its confusing. I’m not sure who to believe.

So I’m just going to make sensible judgements and decide to eat as healthy as I can. I’ve had painful teeth lately so haven’t been able to chew, which is driving me crazy because I eat soft mushy foods, like rice pudding, which is full of sugar and junk. My digestion, skin and health has suffered and I can’t take it anymore. I have no energy to do thing, I tire easily, get puffed out more easily then I used to and have bad gut reactions, like flatulence, that I didn’t have before.

So basically, I feel like garbage. I feel more stressed and very reactionary to small things, I can’t concentrate for long, I get distracted very easily, I can’t even concentrate on reading properly. I can’t continue like this, so I need to severely change my diet for my health and well being.

1. Eat more cruciferous veges: Kale, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Bok Choi, Water cress, etc.

I’m currently growing kale and spinach in a vege patch in my backyard. I bought seedlings from the supermarket and planted them. There are lost of salad recipes I could chop then up finely and add to. I don’t add chemicals so my vege are intentionally organic. The insects enjoy some kale too and I don’t mind sharing. To clean, I rise in a bowl of cold water and shake off.

2. Cut out junk processed foods: processed white bread, biscuits, pretzels, rice cakes, chips, etc.

I didn’t eat many of these to begin with and I hate pretzels, but really need to cut these things out completely. I’ve been saying this for many years and I may stop for a while , but then I slip back into bad habits because processed food are easier than cooking and cleaning.

I ate some KFC chips, mash potato and gravy because they were soft and easy to eat, but my gut protested about an hour later and the next day. I always think, it will be different this time, but I always regret eating junk afterwards.

3. Have probiotics:

Live cultures in yoghurt like Valia or Yakult, or yoghurt that contains the ABC strains.

I have been eating a lot of yoghurt because of the stupid anti- biotics I had before and because of my tooeth issues. Im getting tired of it, but I can only eat a small amount of food so it will need to do till my teeth are repaired.

4. Foods I like:

bananas, black beans, almonds, cashews, avocado, coloured varieties of rice, chia seeds, porridge, A2 milk, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, different varieties of kale.

I haven’t been eating healthy lately and not just because of my teeth. I have a dentist appointment and I don’t care if I have to live with a missing front tooth, if it means I can go back to eating normal healthy foods and not junky rice pudding.

5. Keep a food diary:

I started one, then forgot and stopped doing it. I regret letting it lapse. I guess when my teeth are healed, I can start again and hopefully repair the damage I’ve done to my gut.

©ASD and me 2019.

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Pleas note: Dr Tran is not a doctor.