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Eating the alphabet: c

I wasn’t as prepared for this letter meal as I was for the other two. During my C food search I found:

carrots, chicken, chocolate, cauliflower, chicken stock, crackers, cheese, cucumber, corn, caviar, crab, chips, crepe, celery, chick peas, cherries, chives, cabbage, cottage cheese, cashews.

I had a box of custard pudding powder (that I love) already in the pantry, so I made that. I sprinkled some cinnamon over the top and enjoyed it. Then I remembered I had some chicken stock, because I have wanted to make my own noodle bowl for a long time.

We used the green leaves of silverbeet chopped instead of Bok choy, added sliced mushrooms, some noodles we had left over and some hard boiled eggs sliced in half.

The photo didn’t work because the flash was still on, but I took a good photo of the custard tart (which tasted better anyway).

(c) ASD and me 2020.


How to make Switchel (or Crazy Ginger drink).

Lately I’ve been making a drink called Switchel or Haymakers punch. Its a lot nicer than Kombucha and easier to make. Also the ingredients are cheaper, so that’s another reason why I like it.

I normally use Apple cider vinegar ACV with the “Mother” ingredient, which is the unfiltered bacteria naturally occurring in vinegar. Filtered vinegar is better for cleaning as it has none of the little bits left in it.

I have tried different vinegars, like an Italian one with honey and ginger added and raspberry vinegar, which makes the Switchel a maroony colour. I prefer the normal ACV.

I have also tried to use other cordials, like lemon and barley, but its not the same.

I want to come up with a funny name, like Crazy Ginger drink or Grandpa Simpson’s Homemade Revitalising Tonic for what ails ya.

I sometimes make it a bit stronger, but normally I prefer it weaker. Here is a basic recipe I made:


(c)ASD and me 2019.