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Trying to get by but sick again.

My letter from the NDIS came on Friday, so I can let my letterbox go back to growing spider webs now. I called this morning and have an appointment for 3pm today. I’m curious to see what they have set up for me. Or maybe I need to tell them what I want, I don’t know, I’ll just wait and see.

I also have been I’ll so had to visit the doctor again. I have an ear infection, again, so I need antibiotics, again. I went to a pharmacy called Blooms. I don’t like them, I think their prices are expensive, but I didn’t have time or the energy to take a long train trip to get to a cheaper pharmacy.

Normally, I find loud music and radio shops play very annoying, but this day, I thought it could have been dangerous. I have allergies, so the pharmacist have to ask me about them, which is a good thing, I want them to ask me about my allergies. But what I don’t want, is  to be deafened by loud music or radio while trying to ask if maybe this medicine could possibly kill me.

I say this a lot, but how is this a thing that happens? I get shops playing music. If you by vitamins, you probably won’t die if you eat too much kale powder, but if you can’t hear your pharmacist tell you not to take this medicine with kale powder, or not to use heavy machinery, or other helpful things,  and I can’t hear the, whose fault it that?

Some could argue that I should just “go somewhere else”, but no, that’s exclusion bullying. I need medicine, the pharmacy has been given a license by the Australian Government, so legally, I can use any pharmacy and they can’t discriminate against me.

Don’t they have a legal obligation to make sure their client knows how to take the medicine they have been issued correctly, and also warn of any side effects?

I’m truly stuck. I don’t want to purchase from Blooms, but its easier than going to the main street and fighting for parking, or climbing mountains just to get to a shop to save a few dollars. If they turned the radio and music off completely, I wouldn’t mind going in as much, but after last time, I’m not impressed.

(I just remembered that at some train stations they plain classical music to scare people away, especially teens. Is this what shops are doing?)

Leave a comment if you have had the same situation and tell me who you think the music is for? The clients (hint: its not) or the staff?

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Food allergies · Thoughts

Food I can’t eat

I tried to research food that is healthy for ASD or Autism, but I couldn’t find proper results, only blogs speculating on their own ideas.

I can only talk about the food I eat. I try different things, but I have IBS symptoms and some things I can’t eat:

Excessively sweet: This includes almost every food, even things that shouldn’t have sugar as an ingredient, like pasta sauce or cheese. I also can’t eat some sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners.

Garlic: a tiny amount may be okay, but I bought frozen fish in a pouch and it was smothered in rich sauce that was overloaded with garlic. About half an hour later, my throat was on fire. I haven’t had indigestion like that since I had GERD. (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. This has the easiest test in the world).

Pepper:  I hate pepper. I can’t stand the smell either. I climbs up my nostrils and does a lot of damage.

Horseradish and Wasabi: These are actually two different plants that are related, but taste different. I hate horseradish. I read Wasabi is milder in taste so I would be willing to try some real Wasabi plant. But lets be honest, I’ll probably hate that as well.

Chili: I CAN NOT eat this or even stand the smell. I hate spices and spicy food, but this is another level of hell. I hate when people say “that’s not hot” or “its not spicy” , then I’m guilted or peer pressured into eating some, then I’m sick for hours afterwards. Why can’t people understand I can’t fucking eat it?! I don’t force my tastes on to other people, why do it to me?

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