You Tube videos I like

I haven’t been feeling the well lately and don’t know what to write. I don’t want to just complain about everything, so I took a break from blogging.

I had my birthday, then other things happened and now I’m struggling to get through summer. I have no plans for the future. Since the diagnosis, I feel that I’ve been in exile from myself or something. I’m not the person I was before, I’m a different person who is struggling with shit I used to be able to deal with.

Who am I now?

I have no life raft, no routine, and now, nothing from the NDIA. I have no idea what the hell is happening since the their last phone call made me cry. All I can think of doing is watching videos.

I watch a lot of You Tube and have found some channels I really enjoy watching and wanted share some with my readers:

Foo the flower horn: Beautiful videos about a fish who lives in a tank with plants.

Ask a mortician: Answers all your questions about death and the funeral process.

Fish whisperer: Cool videos of fish and turtles being fed.

Sean Hogan: I recently found this channel. A man finds sounds and makes songs with them.

Captain Disillusion: Funny debunking videos from the Internet.

The Minimalists: I found these two through a Netflix documentary. I’ve become a bit of a minimalist myself, but mainly because I really hate clutter, excess cleaning and wasting money. I also find clutter, chaos and mess very stressful and over whelming.

Fluffee: A Canadian man comments on funny photos from the Internet.

Jessica Kellgren – Fozard: Is a disabled woman who makes videos on a wide range of topics.

The Outsider: He built a log cabin with his father in the Canadian woods. This is what I really want to do.

My self reliance: Another channel where a Canadian man builds a log cabin and walks around in the snow.

Tito the raccoon: A man who has a raccoon for a pet.

Elvis the Alien: An American man who make funny commentary about silly you tube videos.

Sgt Ducky: An Irish man make videos about things that annoy him.

Grade A under a: English man who used to make funny stick figure videos. Hopefully he’ll make more soon.

Rachel Maksy: Woman who make tutorials on vintage fashion.

Isaac Butterfield: Australian comedian.

Momma Doctor Jones: An OBGYN doctor who talks about health issues.

Chicken on a raft: I’m normally not into obscure things, but for some reason I love the original version of this song and the video. I found it many years ago. Just to warn you, this song is very catchy.

These are the ones I can think of now, but there’s lots more.

I’ve been wanting to make my own channel for years now, but I’m insecure about showing my face on the Internet. I guess that says a lot about my lack of confidence and self esteem.

(c)ASD plus me 2020.


Wait, what's happening in China?

So much for having a peaceful new year. The fires are over and I wanted to relax, breathe deeply and write a novel.

But no.

There’s a new virus outbreak in China called the Corona virus. I wasn’t worried at first when I thought it was just in China because Australia is far away and we are gert by sea. But now I’m reading that we have the virus here, so I’m worried.

Bf isn’t worried, but I am and I don’t want to wait until its too late and shelves are empty. People laugh at Preppers, but I think being prepared is human instinct. I prepared for the fires, so I need to prepare for this.


Buy large plastic bottles of water incase the pipes are damaged or fill with brown water.

Buy tinned food like soup, baked beans, small tins of tuna or chicken.

Dry noodles and pasta that can be cooked in hot water.

Shelf milk in a carton.

Jars of sauce and pesto.

Mouthwash with alcohol.

Buy things that will have a long shelf life that you buy anyway, like peanut butter and rice.

Baby powder formula and tinned baby food if you have a baby. Adults can eat this too.


Buy masks in a box.

Latex gloves for first aid, leather gloves for carrying firewood and to prevent splinters.


Saline for rinsing eyes.

Extra fuel or wood for the fireplace.

Blankets incase you run out of wood or the power goes out.

First aid equipment Band Aids, bandages, Dettol, sharp stainless steel scissors, snake and spider bite kit, etc.

Baby wipes or wet wipes.

Micro fibre clothes that can be washed and reused.

Toilet paper in plastic packaging.

Hand cleaner with a high alcohol content. I don’t like this stuff because it stings my hands a bit when I rub it in, but if it saves my life then I’ll use it.

Pack a bag of clothing. Think of hiking clothes and study boots that will protect your feet if you need to walk over broken glass or gravel.

There’s no need for panic. Just buy extra to prepare for the unexpected, watch a trusted news service in your area and ask the local doctors what is happening and what you should do.

You probably already have some of this stuff in your home, so go look for it.

(c) ASD and me 2020


What not to say to a person with Autism #2

Why are you always reading, you read a lot, what you reading for?

My favourite response to this is from Bill Hicks: so I don’t have to be a fucking waffle waitress.

Yes I read, can you? Its a new invention called a book. Are you confused because its not filled with pictures?

This goes with the you’re so quiet question. Does this count only for books, or is it for people reading newspapers as well? I’ve never seen a newspaper reader be interrupted with stupid questions.

What you keeping up with current events for? What, the Earth is round? Vaccines are safe?

You’re just crying to get attention

No, I’m really not. I have heard this many times and it makes me so angry. I try to stay away from these people. Sometimes when I cry, I have a panic attack and I can’t stop; its very embarrassing sometimes, especially if people are staring and judging.

Its already hard for me to speak on the phone, so anything that makes it harder, makes me even more anxious. I would rather send a message then talk because then I can go through my messages if I forget what was said.

Having tinnitus also makes phone calls harder.

You looked in my direction, you smiled at me, you said hello and acknowledged my existence, so you must want to get Jiggy with it or Bump uglies.

No, I don’t. I looked at you or said hello because I’m a nice person; that’s all; I already have a bf. Even if I was single, I wouldn’t want your sweaty, vile hands to touch any part of my body.

And no, I’m not a bitch or a tease because I said hello to you then didn’t immediately jump your bones. You’re confusing me with the women in your nasty porn videos you watch way too much of.

Are you like Rain Man, Sheldon Cooper, Stephen Hawking, what superpower do you have?

No. I don’t think Rain Man had autism, I think he had Savant Syndrome. And I live in a house with my bf, not a “Mental Health Facility”.

My superpower is ignoring the endless drivel and rude comments that spew from ignorant people’s lips.

You’re so lucky you get a lot of money from the NDIS

No one had said this to me yet, but this is preemptive.

Firstly, it wasn’t luck, it was waiting a year and loads of paperwork and stress and crying and anxiety, stress and shit.

Secondly, I wasn’t given a pile of money to dive into like Scrooge McDuck. I was given paperwork telling me the amount of funding the government has allocated to me. I’m grateful that they have given me funds, but I need someone to help me use them now.

If your applying for funding, make sure you include every letter from every doctor. You won’t get in trouble for giving them too many pieces of paper, just give them everything, even if you think its not relevant. All they will do is review it and decide if they can cover that or not. I wish someone had told me this when I was signing up, it would have saved a lot of time.

(c) ASD and me 2020.


Eating the alphabet: B

I searched the internet to find food that starts with the letter B.

Bananas, Blueberries, Beetroot, Bok choy, Broccoli, Bacon, Barley, Beans, Basmati rice, Bocconcini, Bread, Barramundi, Butter, Brie, Buckwheat, Brown rice, Butternut pumpkin.

I decide to make Stir fry with Bok choy and noodles. The worst part is cutting up the chicken, since I hate touching raw chicken, then having to wash my hands a few times to make sure my hands are sterilised and clean. Bf prepared the chicken and I chopped the Bok choy, cooked it in the wok for a few minutes till it was wilted, then added to rest of the ingredients.

We made a lot so it lasted me a few meals.

I really like this new idea I have for eating the alphabet, so I plan to make one every week. I like the challenge of finding a new letter food each week.

(c) ASD plus me 2020.

Stir fry with Bok Choy and veges.


What not to say to a person with ASD

Aren’t we all a bit Autistic?

No. Why is this even a thing people think? Would they say everyone has a bit of cancer in them? This just rude and dismissive.

You’re a hero and an inspiration.

Why? Because I get out of bed and don’t cry all day?

I hate when people say this. They may mean it in a nice way, but it still feels like I should be on a stage in a freak show for people to point and gawk at.

Soldiers fighting in wars are heroes, Doctors curing disease are heroes, Firefighters are heroes, Police who protect the public are heroes, not some women who just wakes up every day like everyone else does.

You should be proud.

Proud of what? I didn’t ask to be born with Autism, I struggle everyday with my disabilities. I hate them mostly, but there’s no cure for Autism and anxiety and depression are difficult to fix, so I have to live with them; I don’t have a choice. And suicide isn’t an option for me, so that’s why I’m trying different things, like swim lessons, art classes, online study, to see if any of them make me feel better.

You’re so sensitive and stop being sensitive.

How about you stop trying to bully me, control me, be bitchy to me and just leave me alone. I really do not need nor want you harassing me.

And yes I’m a sensitive person. I care about animals, my family, good people, world peace, all good things in the world. How about you focus on your lack of sensitivity and compassion and stop bullying people.

You’re so quiet

Yes I am quiet. How about move away from me if you want to be noisy, or smoke, or spray deodorant, or eat stinky food like curry.

And yes, I want quiet when I’m shopping because its a shop, not a nightclub and I don’t want to lose my hearing because I need to buy food.

You should eat Chilli, it’s good for you

If another person tells me to eat chilli, it’s good for you, it’s good for my digestion, it will help me loose weight, I’ll scream. I don’t know how many times I have to say I’m fucking allergic to it. How about I force you and peer pressure you to eat something you’re allergic to huh?

Also, I’m fine with my weight as it is, I don’t live on a scale like you so how about you keep your thinly veiled comments about my weight to yourself. Maybe eat some chilli, or some carbs, then you won’t be so nasty.

(c) ASD and me 2020.


My overwhelmed brain

Adventures & Aspierations

This week has been a tough one for me. Actually it all started accumulating a couple of weeks ago when I really started struggling at work – it was all suddenly getting very overwhelming as I was forced to do things I hadn’t done before, work with people I hadn’t worked with before, and a certain situation just pushed me over the edge. One aspect of my Asperger’s is that I really struggle learning to do things with my hands or use any kind of tools, and it is almost impossible for me to repeat a motor task someone shows me. I actually recently learned that I almost 100% have dyspraxia, which is a developmental co-ordination disorder that affects co-ordination, spatial awareness and sensory perception, and it is closely related to my ASD diagnosis, meaning my brain just isn’t wired like the ‘normal’, neurotypical brain. I was told that since…

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How “The Golden Rule” Harms Autistic People

You read my mind with this post. The worst part is, when I try to walk away, sometimes people follow me.

Autistic Science Lady

[This post was originally posted at The Aspergian. For new posts from me, head to my author profile on The Aspergian.]

Miscommunication and misinterpretation of autistic people happens very early in life.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Or in modern language, “Treat other people as you would like to be treated.”

Everyone knows about The Golden Rule. Most people learn about it from a young age, either in school, or in church, or from their parents. But this rule is part of the reason why unintentional harm of autistic people starts so early in life and is so pervasive in our society.

When I’m having a shutdown, I’d prefer non-autistics to:

  1. not look me directly in the eyes
  2. not ask me what is wrong
  3. not expect me to answer them
  4. not tell me they know how I am feeling
  5. not hug me (hugging…

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