Stop using Autism as an insult!

Wow, he’s such a herpes head!

She’s such a quadriplegic!

You’re such a heat rash!

My legs hurt today, I need a wheelchair!

You’re such a Lyme head!

I forgot my books, I’m so autistic today!

(And my favourite)

Isn’t everyone just a bit Autistic?

Did you read the top lines? Have you ever said anything as stupid, ignorant and hurtful? No, them I’m sure you’re a good person. If you have ever said anything like this, then why?

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately, mainly online. Its people making hurtful comments about Mental Illness, especially Autism. I’ve seen and heard many comments in Youtube videos and the comment section of people using Autism as an insult. It seems to be becoming the new “retard” or “spastic’. Obviously, I don’t like either of those words, but at least they don’t shine a spotlight on a specific illness.

Why is mental illness used like a punching bag? I don’t hear anyone making jokes about wheelchairs or people with Spina Bifida. No one would say “I wish I had a Chari 1 malformation” or “I wish I had Rickets so I could use a walking stick”.

These insults are very harmful and hurtful to people who actually have these illnesses. If you have these illnesses yourself or know someone who does, stand up for them. Tell the bully that bullying is not acceptable so they need to find other more appropriate words to express themselves. Maybe you need to buy these people a Dictionary and a Thesaurus to help them learn new words.

Mental Illness or any illness are not your punch line, so stop using them as one.

©ASD plus me 2019. meme sarcasm


More stress, hassle and anxiety

I called my LAC (Local Area coordinator) today who was meant to be supporting me with my NDIS plan. She isn’t. So I called the NDIS to ask if I could change and I couldn’t understand some things the man on the phone said. Something like they aren’t responsible for my case because they gave it to the LAC, or something.

When he put me on hold I cried. I tried to stop. I told myself just wait until the call is finished then I can cry as much as I want to. When he came back, he said my LAC company would call me back. I really hope they do. If they don’t, I’ll call the NDIS back again tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’ve had my plan for more than a month and almost nothing has happened. I’m so tired of my time being wasted and being disappointed by people letting me down. I just want help to recover. I’m not asking for miracles, just some nice encouraging words and some helpful actions.

©ASD and me 2019™

Crazy day #1: Valentines day

I hate valentines day for so many reasons.

Why do we even celebrate it? Originally it was to celebrate a priest who married people even though the king had banned marriage. But now its become a Hallmark holiday and people go crazy buying junk they don’t need to throw in land fill the next day.

And almost all of the red roses that are sold, are imported from South Africa, sprayed with Round Up (a chemical used to kill grass and other things), and are sometimes sprayed with artificial scents.

My bf had been working over time to pay for our house repairs and I wanted to buy him a present to say thankyou. I don’t know what possessed me, but I knew he likes the marzipan from Aldi, so I willingly walked in. At 3 pm. I must have lost my mind because when I couldn’t find it, I drove to Coles, also know as Satan’s arse crack of supermarkets.

I ended up buying a $12 black forest gateau, then dodging all the brats and crazy people in the mad dash to grab the discounted valentines day crap, like a cheap teddy that sang Be my baby.

Trying to navigate the exit was like being in Pamplona during the running of the bulls; I had to stay at the side to prevent being trampled.

I’m back to my senses now. Cake is gone. Only crazy days left are my birthday and Easter.

(c) ASD and me 2019.


Sites about ASD

I’ve found 2 sites for Autism. If I find anymore I’ll add them in a later post.

If you’re outside of Australia, please do an internet search and I’m sure you’ll find information for your country.

Autism awareness:

Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia)

If you think you may have Autism, you may find these videos helpful: