I really can not stand animal cruelty and neglect.

I’m finding things harder and harder to endure. I don’t know if its ASD , but I seem to hate noises certain noises even more now.

Last Thursday, next door’s dog was left home alone and it cried for hours. From 8pm almost non stop til 1am. This really upset me, made me furious and sad because I know the dog was crying over its drunk low life owner. I called the council, again and of course, nothing was done. Again.

I really hate animal cruelty. I really do not understand why someone would buy an animal, stick it in their yard and leave it.

Its not a statue! Its a living breathing creature, that actually has feelings.

The worst thing is, I can’t do anything to stop it. I’ve called the council 3 times now and nothing gets done. They have no problem wasting money on things we don’t need nor want, but helping a poor animal out of neglect and loneliness, forget about it.

I’ve been so sad, angry and frustrated this week I made my self sick. I had to cancel plans I was looking forward to and stay home.

In my house, we always buy cruelty free eggs that are RSPCA approved. The cartons are about seven dollars, but its worth it to make sure the chicken are taken care of properly.

I was planning to add a meme here, but I couldn’t find one that didn’t make me cry.

(c)ASD and me 2019

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